Undergraduate Minor in Art

To declare a minor in art,
you can download the Art Minor Requirements worksheet with what you have taken and plan to take. Email the worksheet to pstraub@umn.edu.

The purpose of a minor is twofold: to indicate competency in a focused area and to complement a major program or primary interest.

The art minor introduces students to the creative process and visual thinking required in art. Students will select core courses from our four areas of study and combine them with courses in art history and concepts in the visuals arts to delve deeper into the theory, ethics, and practice of traditional and contemporary art.

Note: students from any college within the University of Minnesota may minor in art. Many students from other departments or colleges, such as the College of Design, find that an art minor is a valuable complement to their major program.

Some of the undergraduate majors that pair well with a minor in art include: graphic design, art history, journalism, English, psychology, cultural studies and comparative literature, education, etc.

Use our Art Minor Requirements worksheet to track your progress.