BA in Art

To declare a major in art, email to make an appointment with our advisor. Include some days/times you are free to meet on Zoom. 

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in studio art provides you with thorough training in techniques and theory as well as a background in the history and criticism of art.

The flexibility of this program allows students to acquire relevant skills in related areas via additional majors or minors. Students who earn a BA can double major in journalism to prepare for a career in media or advertising, or in art history to prepare for a curatorial career, or even in business to prepare for a career in non-profit arts management.

Our BA program provides instruction in the visual arts by emphasizing the development of visual awareness and expression through hands-on involvement in the creative process. In the preparatory studio courses, you will become familiar with the various materials and concepts used to understand the nature of visual language. You will then choose additional courses from such areas as drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and experimental and media arts.

Use our Art BA degree planning worksheet to plan and track your progress.