Research Opportunities

The UROP program is designed to help students explore academic interests beyond the classroom. Working with a faculty member, students have a chance not only to get hands-on experience with research but to develop mentoring relationships with faculty members. One of the latest projects undertaken by a economics student through the UROP opportunity was looking at data from 1945–2013 to determine how the construction of efficiency wedges (a unit of labor based upon the relationship between wage and efficiency) impacted the state's economy.

Students have found the UROP experience helpful in refining academic and career goals, as well as a great way to acquire academic and professional skills and credentials.

In order to apply for the UROP program, you and the faculty member who has agreed to work with you prepare a research proposal. Submit the proposal for consideration to the UROP Committee in 511 Bruininks Hall. There is financial support available for successful submissions.