Undergraduate Certificate in Editing & Publishing

Students at the University of Minnesota may now earn a certificate in editing and publishing. Students pursuing the certificate will learn from industry professionals, gain relevant work experience, and develop practical skills. They will learn about the wide range of publishing forms, including social media, corporate publishing, books, and magazines. They will also learn about "publishing-adjacent" fields such as the media, foundations, and government agencies. Earning the certificate will enhance students' career readiness, and give them an edge as they enter a competitive field.

To receive the certificate, which is noted on final transcripts, students take two English courses (“Introduction to Editing and Publishing” and “The Business of Publishing”) and pursue an experiential learning opportunity. The latter can be completed by taking English’s The Tower production course, or by completing an internship or other professional experience in editing and/or publishing approved by the department.

To learn more about declaring the Certificate of Editing & Publishing, call English Undergraduate Studies (612-625-4592) to schedule an advising appointment.