BA in English

Students who major in English study literature and other forms of verbal expression, literary history and criticism, critical theory, linguistics, and creative writing. Courses offered by the department explore a wide range of discourses written in English, including poetry, drama, fiction, film, popular culture, and electronic media. Students examine the cultural, social, political, and economic contexts that condition a variety of texts. Majors write extensively and learn to express themselves effectively, both orally and in writing. They gain practical insight into the words that they speak, read, and write.

The Department of English supports an engaged, civic-oriented curriculum and teaches the critical skills of reading and writing in the context of community involvement and real public spheres by incorporating community and service-learning components into literature classes.

To clarify what you can expect to learn by the time you graduate with a major in English, the department has developed a set of student learning outcomes. By the time you graduate, we also want you to know at least one of your English professors well enough to ask for a letter of recommendation in support of an application for a job or for graduate or professional school.

Declaring the Major

Although the English major does not have any formal prerequisites, we encourage interested students to take a course in literature or creative writing before officially declaring the major.

To declare the English major, call English Undergraduate Studies (612-625-4592) to schedule an advising appointment, or schedule an advising appointment online.

Why English? Ten reasons.

Transfer Students

Students transferring courses from other colleges and universities must complete five upper-division English courses in residence at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

To discuss course equivalencies and petition transfer coursework, call English Undergraduate Studies (612-625-4592) to schedule an advising appointment.

For more information on the transfer process, consult the Transfer Student Guide below.