Students considering a major, minor, or certificate should gather information early and declare while they are still enrolled in 1004 or 3015. This allows you to make sound, well-informed choices for coursework and study abroad. Declaring locks in the major requirements for your degree so that future changes do not affect you, and it allows the department to communicate with you.

French Studies Major, Minor, and Certificate

In order to learn more about the major and minor in French studies and the certificate in advanced French, and/or to declare one of those programs, please attend a French Studies Major/Minor Declaration Session.

FALL 2019 Schedule:

Monday, October 7
3:00 PM (Folwell Hall 113)
Wednesday, October 30
2:00 PM (Folwell Hall 317)
Thursday, November 14
3:00 PM (Folwell Hall 315)
Tuesday, December 3
2:00 PM (Folwell Hall 317)
Each meeting generally lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour. No advance sign-up is needed. If you cannot fit one of the meetings into your schedule, please make an individual advising appointment.

Italian Studies Major and Minor

Students considering a major or minor in Italian studies should schedule an appointment with Mattia Beghelli,, the advisor for undergraduate studies in Italian.

French & Italian Studies Major

Students that are considering a major in French & Italian studies can attend one of the French major/minor declaration sessions or meet with Mattia Beghelli.