BA in French Studies



Declare your BA in French studies today!

The Department of French & Italian offers a BA in French studies. As a French studies major, you will have the opportunity to acquire advanced proficiency in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

However, it’s not just about learning the language. French majors acquire skills in critical thinking, persuasive writing, and public speaking that transfer to any career. The department offers courses in three areas of concentration:

  • language and linguistics
  • literature
  • culture

Courses in language and linguistics include history of the French language, structure of the language, sociolinguistics, phonetics, oral communication, and business French. Linguistics 3001 (Introduction to Linguistics, offered outside our department) serves as a prerequisite to most French linguistics courses.

Courses in literature and culture focus on topics in three broad historical periods: Middle Ages and Renaissance, early modern France, and modern and contemporary France. Courses on French cinema are offered, as well as on Francophone literature from Africa, the Caribbean, and Quebec.