Undergraduate Minor in French Studies

Declare your minor in French studies today!

A minor in French studies gives students the opportunity to strengthen their respective degree programs and diversify their post-graduation opportunities. Courses for the minor will allow students to gain knowledge of various aspects of French and Francophone culture, including language, literature, and linguistics. Students will develop skills in grammar, composition, and communication that will serve as a valuable complement to any undergraduate major.

The French studies minor, requiring a minimum of 6 courses and 18 credits, is designed to be completed within four semesters.

All French minors should keep in mind the possibility of completing a double major rather than a minor! The major and minor programs share all the same required courses. The only difference is the number of electives students must take. Students who study abroad earn more French elective credits than are required for the minor and come close to fulfilling all the major requirements. 

A French major provides a more intensive, in-depth study of the language and culture and demonstrates to potential employers a higher level of competence and commitment. Learn about the requirements. Upgrading from a minor to a major is a simple matter of emailing the French studies advisor at frenstds@umn.edu.