Student Clubs

Student clubs are a fun way to connect with others who share your interest in a particular country or area. These student-organized and student-run groups can be official (e.g., registered student groups) or informal groups of friends and classmates. Official clubs are eligible for funding from the University and from our department. We can help with making activities announcements, providing space, and finding other resources. The clubs organize a variety of activities; most groups meet at a local coffee shop for conversation or for weekly film nights, play board games in the language, and go to concerts. It all depends on the interests (and motivation) of the group.

Club Contact
The Finlanders Club is currently inactive. If you are interested in restarting it, contact Daniel Karvonen.
Der Deutschverein is a club on the University of Minnesota campus dedicated to the enjoyment of the German language and culture. All are welcome.
Den Norske Klubben is a University of Minnesota student club to celebrate Norway and all things Norwegian! It provides opportunities to speak, watch films, plays, and participate in current cultural events. DNK welcomes all students interested in Norway, whether or not they are currently enrolled in Norwegian language classes, as well as students from Norway.
Russian Speaking Student Association
Den Svenska Klubben shows Swedish films, plays kubb matches, celebrates Swedish holidays, and much more. Everyone is welcome!