Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, & Swedish

Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish Language Placement

Students with previous foreign language experience in Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, or Swedish may use the following guidelines to make decisions about course enrollment. Students who have placed themselves in a course that is not suitable for them will be advised to switch to a different level in the first week of class at the discretion of the instructor. If you are unsure which course you should start in, contact the instructor.

Previous Study Take
No previous experience, informal familiarity with the language of choice, or high school study only (1 year or less). 1001
Limited previous exposure to language of choice: course, summer camp, or during short-term study abroad. 1002
Extended informal exposure to the language of choice: proficiency in a related language (for the Scandinavian language group), study abroad (3–6 months), formal study equivalent to one year of college-level courses, or by recommendation of the instructor. 1003-1004
Previous coursework equivalent to 1001-1004, extended study abroad (6 months or more), or by recommendation of the instructor. The Language Proficiency Exam in the language of choice is the general prerequisite for upper-division courses. 3011-3012