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Professor James Parente in his office
Director of Undergraduate Studies
James A. Parente, Jr.

Our director of undergraduate studies (DUS) can assist you with:

  • declaring a major or minor program
  • choosing your courses
  • planning for a career
  • understanding requirements needed for graduation
  • pursuing opportunities to study, volunteer, or work abroad

Majors should meet with the DUS at least once a year. If you are a junior or a senior, it is particularly important for you to be on track to graduate, so contact the DUS to ensure that no requirements have been overlooked.

Appointments with the DUS may be booked online through the link on the advising hours page.

Double majors

Students choose a double major because it offers a competitive advantage in both the job market and on applications to graduate and professional schools. Over half of our major students have a second (or even a third) major. With good planning it is possible to do this in just four years.

Studying abroad?

For students wishing to use those credits towards our major or minors, it is essential to consult with the DUS.

Not in CLA?

Students in other colleges can declare a GSD major without seeking admission to CLA. They may also choose to receive a dual degree, but must to be admitted to CLA in that case.

Interested in graduate studies?

The transition from an undergraduate major to graduate school can be difficult if you are not properly prepared. Most graduate programs in German or Scandinavian studies expect high-level language competence and familiarity with current literary and critical theory. Courses emphasizing these skills must be included among your electives if you are considering graduate study. The DUS welcomes the opportunity to speak with you if you are considering graduate school.