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Major & Minors

We offer the following major and minors, as well as a certificate in advanced-level German:

Each of our programs offers students the opportunity to study the language of their choice while focusing on literature or various forms of media (including oral traditions, films, and hypermedia) in cultural, social, and historical contexts. They offer the opportunity to gain unique skills, explore dimensions of culture, and engage with contemporary issues. Our major and minors help you develop abilities that are useful in all areas of your education and future career.

The GSD major allows you to tailor the degree program to your interests, combining German, Scandinavian, and Dutch courses or concentrating on a specific area by pursuing an emphasis in German studies or in Scandinavian and Finnish studies. Our minors complement other majors by helping you define your interests and think in flexible ways.

All students are encouraged to study abroad or participate in overseas internshipsThese experiences strengthen your language skills, deepen your understanding of European history and culture, sharpen your awareness of global perspectives, and develop critical thinking. Study abroad credits must be approved by our director of undergraduate studies before you depart.