BA in German, Scandinavian, Dutch

The German, Scandinavian, Dutch (GSD) major offers students the flexibility to combine coursework in any of the languages and literatures of the department or to designate a German emphasis or a Scandinavian and Finnish emphasis.

Students working toward the major take a common core of courses that focus on intellectual tools important in the 21st century. The major emphasizes the development of advanced linguistic and transcultural competence, together with openness to interdisciplinary and global thinking. All majors complete a capstone course.

To declare a GSD major, contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Students in colleges other than CLA may complete a major in German, Scandinavian, Dutch without having to fulfill the additional requirements for a BA degree.


Major Requirements

Two courses on the cultural history of the German, Scandinavian, and Dutch areas are required of all majors. In addition to five electives, students also select one course from each of the following competencies: advanced language; language and textual analysis; and critical literacy and global understanding. They also take a capstone course.

For students wishing to add a German or a Scandinavian & Finnish emphasis, the courses in the competencies and 3 of the 5 electives must be in an appropriate designator. If a 5xxx-level course is chosen as the capstone, it must also have a designator appropriate for the emphasis.

CLA Requirements

Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts BA academic policies and specific degree requirements, including the second language requirement.