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Resume writing can seem intimidating, especially if you're creating your first resume. Resume writing is actually easier than most students think it is, but you do need to plan for it and spend significant time drafting it. Remember that when you apply for a position, your resume it your one formal chance to demonstrate your qualifications for it. Here are some tips & resources to help get you started on writing the perfect resume.

Writing Your Resume

Tailor Your Resume

Revise your resume frequently, and tailor it to every position you apply for if possible! Research the organization and the position you're interested in applying to—find out what skills and experiences are needed for it. Make a list of experiences or skills that you have that meet these qualification requirements. Include jobs, projects, internships, volunteering, or classes. Make direct connections between your experiences and the requirements for the job on the resume you send in for that application.

Final Tips

  • Don't use personal pronouns such as "I" or "me"
  • Limit the number of fonts and font sizes used, strive for consistent formatting!
  • Don't include job references on your resume, this should be a separate document.