CLA First-Year Courses

First Year Experience (FYE)

The FYE consists of a required online, 2-credit (CLA 1001 and 1002) program that all first-year CLA students take during their initial fall and spring semesters. The FYE challenges students to think outside of the box. They will learn effective study habits, goal setting, and career preparation. Most importantly, CLA 1001 and 1002 offers students a space to learn more about themselves, meet other students, and prepare for the future. By connecting with faculty, staff, and campus resources—like the University Libraries, CLA Career Services, and the Center for Writing—students will be prepared for the rest of their university experience and beyond.

CLA students who are part of the President's Emerging Scholars Program or the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program take a specialized version of the FYE courses.

Transfer Semester Experience (TSE)

The TSE consists of an online, 1-credit (CLA 3001) course open to all first-semester transfer students in CLA. The course helps students learn how to navigate the University of Minnesota, introduces the CLA Career Readiness Initiative, helps familiarize students with campus resources, and prepare for their future. Students also have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, meet other students, and interact with university faculty and staff. 

Peer Mentorship

Additionally, during all of these courses, each student will be paired with a Section Leader who will act as a mentor. Section Leaders are CLA students who have been through one of these programs themselves, and who continue to prosper because of the support they were provided during their time. Students will be required to meet with their Section Leader one-on-one, and are encouraged to turn to them with questions regarding all aspects of student life—such as health resources, campus jobs, or housing.