Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Why Do Research?

Research is a fundamental part of the student experience in the College of Liberal Arts.  Students find exciting and enriching opportunities to engage in research and creative activities with leading scholars and artists.

Research conducted in CLA solves the challenges that touch our lives every day. Why do we behave as we do? How do we apply discoveries in science and medicine to improve lives? What makes life worth living? How do we make our communities more equitable, just, vibrant, and healthy?

Research experiences also help you:

  • Build relationships with faculty and graduate students who are studying topics of strong interest to you.
  • Explore research itself as a possible career path.
  • Develop expertise on a subject that fascinates you.
  • Make money and/or earn academic credit for your efforts.
  • If you’re interested in graduate/professional school, research experiences will strengthen your application. Oftentimes, research experience is required for admission to graduate/professional programs.