CLA Learning Abroad

Learning Abroad

Through CLA, students can learn humanities, fine arts, and social sciences here at the University of Minnesota or elsewhere in the world with the help of Learning Abroad Programs.

Learning Abroad programs launch students into advanced work within their degree programs as well as help them articulate knowledge they have acquired. It is our belief that Learning Abroad Programs at the University of Minnesota are no longer a hidden curriculum; but an integral part of education at this Institution; that Learning Abroad Programs associated with and supported by individual departments are part of their degree program, rather than a supplement.

Both short-term programs embedded into regular courses and semester-long programs are designed as site-specific experiences, which will help students acquire skills in the areas of critical thinking, applied problem solving, ethical reasoning, engaging diversity, active community engagement, and in recognizing their place in the world as they expand the knowledge gained at the University of Minnesota.

The University is also happy to offer the International Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (I-UROP). The Scholarship program is designed to promote learning abroad opportunities to CLA and UMTC undergraduates by providing critical funding to students enrolled in select credit-bearing learning abroad programs involving a research project.

With all these convenient options, it’s no wonder that approximately one third of all CLA students study abroad!

For more information on studying abroad, please visit our University-wide Learning Abroad Center. There, you can search for program information based on major, or you can search across all programs.

Finding a Program and Applying

With so many different programs to choose from, it can be a challenge to find the one that is right academic, personal and professional fit.. You can either use the program search function, which will help you find a program by country, term, your major, subjects taught, program terms or type.

Another way to identify programs that could work for you is to consult the advising page for your major.  This is a resource that will overview the process for going abroad, academic planning, career relevance and some useful information on financing the experience.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The financial aspects of an experience abroad are the most important for many students.  The Learning Abroad Center has a lot of online information about financial planning, scholarships, financial aid, billing and other money considerations.  You can also learn more about this when speaking to a Program Selection Advisor who can help you to understand the detailed cost of participation, deposits, billing and how and when financial aid can be applied to your program.

CLA also offers CLA Learning Abroad Scholarships for current CLA students.

CLA Education Abroad Staff

Tim Dohmen
Education Abroad Program Director, College of Liberal Arts
115 Johnston Hall

Tim is in a shared position as an Education Abroad Program Director. In the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center (LAC), he manages the Study and Intern programs in London, Sydney and Dublin. In the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) he works collaboratively with both academic and non-academic units to increase awareness and participation in education abroad opportunities.  
Tim has a specific focus on student recruitment and supporting the development of short-term faculty-led programs in the college. Tim has 14 years of experience in international education serving as on-site program staff in the UK, advising and preparing students for experiences abroad and working closely with faculty to develop programs and abroad. He has master's degree in Higher Education and Student Development from the University of St. Thomas and has presented regionally and nationally on the assessment of student learning outcomes and integrating career readiness programming into education abroad programming.