Undergraduate Minor in Computer Science

The computer science minor is for students who want to take a basic core of computer science courses to enhance or supplement their major programs. Knowledge of computing is useful for students majoring in engineering, the physical, biological and social sciences, business, design and the visual arts, just to name a few. The minor increases job opportunities and provides a base for more advanced studies and independent learning.

The minor teaches problem solving and computational thinking skills, as well as fundamental programming concepts, practical knowledge of computer programming languages, data structures, and algorithmic development techniques that are essential to modern computing. Students have flexibility in choosing courses to meet the minor requirements. Advanced courses provide detailed knowledge in specific topics, such as data bases, networks, internet programming, or game design.

To succeed, students in the minor must have solid analytical and abstraction skills. Students who are not planning on taking calculus should plan to take at least one other math course before starting the minor, such as MATH 1031 or MATH 1051.