The first step in declaring the technical writing & communication major is to make an appointment with our undergraduate advisor, Barb Horvath.  Whether you are a first-year, transfer, or returning student, Barb will meet with you to evaluate your previous coursework, discuss major requirements, choose a sub-plan, and complete the application process.

Schedule an Appointment:

Barbara Horvath
Undergraduate Advisor
202 Nolte Center

Please call or email for an


You can declare the technical writing & communication minor (16 credits) by making an appointment with the undergraduate advisor, Barb Horvath.

Transfer Students

Students transferring into the technical writing & communication program must complete 22 of their 35 required major credits at the University of Minnesota. You are required to complete all other program requirements regardless of the number of credits accepted for transfer. For more information about transferring, please contact a College of Liberal Arts transfer advisor.

University Honors Program

The University Honors Program (UHP) brings together opportunities and programs for honors students in all University of Minnesota-Twin Cities colleges. We strongly encourage eligible students to participate in the UHP. Admission requirements and information are available on their website.