Signature CLA Experiences

We guide over 13,500 students seeking flexibility in their studies of the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We present our undergraduates with required and optional learning opportunities, in addition to standard college course work.

Second Language

Through the second language requirement, we give you resources that connect you to the world, current events, as well as the history of many different cultures. Learning a second language gives you an additional, valuable skill set to discuss with future employers, in addition to your specific area of study. Studying other languages opens up direct opportunities to connect with language clubs and learning abroad experiences.

First-Year Experience Program

The First-Year Experience program is divided into two one-credit, online experiences—CLA 1001 and 1002. The program does more than challenge you to assess your academic and career goals or connect you to valuable on-campus resources. The FYE establishes a support structure that nurtures first-year students and the upperclassmen who are involved with the program.

Freshman Seminars

Freshman seminars are designed specifically to enhance the first-year experience and a great way for new students to start their University career. Each seminar is taught by a faculty member and is limited to 20 students. Freshman seminars allow you to interact in a smaller setting, connect with a faculty member, and become involved in a unique area of study. Freshmen seminars are offered both fall and spring semesters. 

Career Readiness

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to preparing students for a successful life and career after graduation. The Career Readiness Initiative includes several coordinated projects that will help you reflect on your academic and extra-curricular experiences, and then articulate how a liberal arts education prepares you for your future career.