Undergraduate Certificate in Career Readiness

You can take an individual course anywhere within CLA’s career readiness curriculum at any time. Know, though, that if you want to—and we strongly encourage you to do this!—you can take a sequential series of these courses to earn a Career Readiness Certificate

Similar to a major, the certificate will appear on your official University transcript and will signal to potential employers, graduate/professional schools, and others that you have done all you can to fully develop your Core Career Competencies during your undergraduate experience.

You can earn the Career Readiness Certificate by satisfying a series of requirements through:

  • Active participation in a Career Management curriculum (you’ll complete a minimum of six academic credits).
  • Ongoing development of your Core Career Competencies in your academic courses.
  • Active learning and reflection through co-curricular experiences like internships, learning abroad, community engagement, and research practice, and through enrolling in an academic course related to that experience.

Declare the Career Readiness Certificate

Complete the Career Readiness Certificate declaration form.