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Advisory Board

The Center for Austrian Studies depends on a small group of dedicated staff, faculty, ex-officio, and community members to advise the director. Many have served for years, and we are grateful for their feedback and support.

Name Position
Gary Cohen Emeritus Professor, Department of History
Evelyn Davidheiser Director, Institute for Global Studies
Michael Gaudio Chair, Department of Art History
Jeanne Grant Professor, Department of History, Metropolitan State University
Michael Haider Director, Austrian Cultural Forum New York
Jennifer Hammer Program Coordinator, Center for Austrian Studies
Kathryn Keefer
Ex officio
Community Liaison
Lyndel King
Ex officio
Director, Weisman Art Museum
Howard Louthan
Ex officio
Director, Center for Austrian Studies
Alice Lovejoy Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
Roberta Maierhofer American Studies, University of Graz
Leslie Morris Chair, Department of German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
Daniel Necas Immigration History Research Center Archives
Jim Oberly Emeritus Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Karen Painter Professor, Department of Music
Jim Parente Director, Center for German and European Studies
Andrzej Piotrowski Professor, School of Architecture
Thomas Rassieur Prints and Drawings Department Head, Minneapolis Institute of Art
Klaas van der Sanden
Ex officio
Program Director, Institute for Global Studies
Daniel Schroeter Director, Center for Jewish Studies; Professor, Department of History
Jole Shackelford Assistant Professor, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
Brian Vetruba European Studies Librarian, University of Minnesota Libraries
Ann Waltner
Ex officio
Chair, Department of History