Graduate Minor in Comparative Literature

By pursuing a graduate minor in comparative literature in conjunction with your major field, you will gain both vital foundations in an established discipline and a unique perspective on that discipline.

Comparative literature is the oldest field of literary criticism, dating back to the seventeenth century, and a longstanding university discipline in the United States and elsewhere. Among the wide range of studies currently conducted in comparative literature nationally and internationally, our program examines the basis and theory of literary criticism. 

Our curriculum emphasizes seminars and directed research. The core requirement is a two-semester research-focused seminar (CL 8001-8002) that develops critical and analytic skills and introduces current theoretical perspectives within the study of historical problems. Our graduate minors also enroll in courses that focus on developing teaching and other professional skills. Aside from our Basic Research Seminar, many courses are nonrecurring and closely relate to current faculty research.

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