Geography Capstone

Starting in Fall of 2022, there will be a new capstone experience for all Geography Students in both the BA and BS degree. All students will enroll in GEOG 3991: Geography Capstone to complete their capstone experience.

This is a one credit, online, asynchronous, pass/fail course.

One of the challenges that geography majors face is going out into a world where people do not know what a geography major is or can do. This course is designed to prepare to students to answer the questions Why should we hire a geography major? and Why should we accept you to our program.  This is a reflective course designed to help students articulate how the discipline of geography allows them to think about questions and problems, to identify and explain the kinds of skills that they have built in their major and in their cognate courses while at the University  of Minnesota, and to make the case that they are an excellent candidate for the kinds of work and graduate experiences that they are looking to pursue.