Senior Project

​The senior project is the final requirement for the BA and BS degree in the Department of Geography, Environment, & Society, and it should reflect your best work. Begin planning for your senior project as soon as possible—ideally starting in your junior year—and register for your senior project course one semester prior to graduation. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Review the senior project instructions & guidelines
    • Honors students should consult their honors advisor for additional honors thesis requirements
  2. Understand the senior project registration procedure
  3. Develop a senior project timeline
  4. Schedule a senior project appointment with the geography advisor before you register for your senior project

Schedule a Senior Project Appointment

Request a senior project appointment at least one semester before you plan to begin your senior project, and prepare to meet with advisors and faculty several times while planning your senior project. 

  • Email:
  • Subject line: GEOG Senior Project appt request
  • Body of Email:
    • Student ID #
    • Major and interest area (e.g., Geography BA and urban planning interest)
    • Intended semester of graduation (e.g., Spring 2019)
    • A list of appointment times that work for you
      • Plan one week in advance

Additional Senior Project Resources