BA in Political Science

Political Science offers great flexibility and a variety of courses each semester focusing on all aspects of the discipline. Students may select from a broad range of courses that satisfy their personal interests and lead them closer to domestic and international careers in business, education, government, law, media, nonprofits, and politics.

Students may declare a major in political science by meeting with the Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising, Becky Mooney, in 1482 Social Sciences. Prior to declaring a minor in political science, students should have completed at least one political science course.


A total of 32 political science credits is required to complete the major. Of these, 24 must be upper-division credits that include at least one course from three of the four subfields. The four subfields are Political Theory, Comparative Government, International Relations and American Government.

Political science majors must also complete a senior paper. All 4xxx level political science courses satisfy the senior paper requirement. Students with two CLA majors leading to a bachelor of arts degree are only required to write one senior paper in one of those majors.

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