Mortensen Scholarships

Please contact Mike Houlahan with questions about application instructions and information. 

The Department of Psychology is proud to offer Junita J. Mortensen Scholarships for psychology undergraduate students. Students may receive these awards in addition to any other College of Liberal Arts award only if financial need has been demonstrated.

Each year several academic scholarships and one study abroad scholarship, each in the amount of $1,000, are awarded to undergraduate psychology students to support their education and academic enhancement within the discipline. 

Applications are typically available in mid to late October. Deadlines occur in the early part of the spring semester, each academic year.

Mortensen Academic Scholarships in Psychology

This academic scholarship is intended for psychology undergraduate majors to apply toward the cost of tuition, fees, and books. Selection criteria include:

  1. Strength of student's academic record and promise.
  2. Depth of involvement in the discipline and clarity of academic purpose.
  3. Strength of student's statement and letters of recommendation, with preference given to those written by the Department of Psychology faculty and instructors.
  4. Past involvement in relevant extracurricular, volunteer, research, and work activities.

Mortensen Study Abroad Scholarship in Psychology

The Study Abroad Scholarship in Psychology will be awarded to a psychology major studying abroad for a summer, a semester, or for an academic year. Selection criteria include:

  1. Academic performance in the major.
  2. Strength of student's statement and letter of recommendation.
  3. The student's integration of study abroad within their psychology major academic plan.
  4. Whether or not the student has had a previous study abroad experience.

Eligibility for Mortensen Scholarships

Eligible candidates must:

  1. Be currently enrolled undergraduates with a formally declared major in psychology.
  2. Have completed 30, but typically not more than 75, semester credits by the end of the fall term prior to their application submission. Applicants with more than 75 credits should submit a statement describing their need for an additional year of academic work.

How to Apply

Applications (through the CLA Scholarships for Current Students process) are typically available in mid to late December. Deadlines occur in the early part of the spring semester each academic year. For details on the application process and the current application deadline, please visit the College's webpage on Scholarships for Current Students.