Psychology Engagement Awards

Application Deadlines

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We value real-world experiences students may participate in while an undergraduate. Students engage in volunteer work in the community and participate in unpaid internship work that connects learning to their community. As such, the Department has funds for up to two (2) awards of $500 each that may be distributed to qualified applicants each semester. These awards are intended to provide financial support to students participating in real-world learning experiences beyond the campus and classroom environments. 

A third, highest-ranking applicant, will be named the Natalis Award recipient and receive an award of $600 during the fall and spring semesters. 


Eligible candidates must:

  1. Be a declared major in psychology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.
  2. Have an engagement experience planned for the award term. Qualifying experiences include: 
    • Significant short-term service experiences.
    • Unpaid internships/volunteer experiences in the local, national, or international community.
    • Learning abroad that incorporates an internship or community-based research experience.

Note: Research laboratory experiences on campus typically do not qualify for this award.

Demonstrated financial need and special financial circumstances may also be taken into consideration.

How to Apply

Fill out the online Google Form application. Some materials you may need include:

  1. Description of your experience in a 1-2 page essay that includes:
    • an explanation of its relationship to your academic program
    • how it is related to psychology
    • how your studies in psychology have prepared you for this experience
    • how you plan/expect to draw from your knowledge of psychology during the experience
  2. Financial statement (optional): either documentation of financial aid award or personal statement regarding your financial need.

We only accept the essay and statement in PDF format. 

Prior to the distribution of funding, you will be required to provide documentation that confirms your stated plans.