Recent Books


Social Network Analysis, 3rd Edition
(Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publishing)

David Knoke and Song Yang

In the thoroughly updated edition of Social Network Analysis, authors David Knoke and Song Yang take into account the vast number of changes in the field that have occurred in the 25 years since the first edition was published. They cover various issues in basic network concepts, data collection, and network analytical methodology. They succinctly illustrate the concepts and methods related to substantive social network research problems, citing examples ranging from children′s playgroups to organizations, communities, and international systems. Readers can also analyze the real and artificial datasets incorporated throughout the book.


Guanxi: How China Works
(Cambridge: Polity Press, 2018)

Yanjie Bian

Rich in original studies and insightful analyses, this concise book offers a critical synthesis of guanxi research, including its empirical controversies and theoretical debates. Bian skillfully illustrates the growing importance of guanxi in diverse areas such as personal network building, employment and labor markets, informal business relationships, and the broader political sphere, highlighting guanxi’s central value in China's contemporary social structure.


Memory and Forgetting in the Post-Holocaust Era: The Ethics of Never Again
(Routledge, 2017)

Alejandro Baer and Natan Sznaider

In this book, the authors examine the effects of a globalized Holocaust culture on the ways in which individuals and groups understand the moral and political significance of their respective histories of extreme political violence. The authors look at media, scholarly discourse, NGOs dealing with human rights and memory, museums and memorial sites, and examine how a new generation of memory activists revisits the past to construct a new future. 


The Art and Science of Social Research
(Norton, 2017)

Deborah Carr, Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Benjamin Cornwell, and others

Written by a team of internationally renowned sociologists with experience in both the field and the classroom, The Art and Science of Social Research offers authoritative and balanced coverage of the full range of methods used to study the social world. The authors highlight the challenges of investigating the unpredictable topic of human lives while providing insights into what really happens in the field, the laboratory, and the survey call center. 



Breaking the Pendulum: The Long Struggle Over Criminal Justice 
(Oxford University Press, 2017)

Philip Goodman, Joshua Page, and Michelle Phelps

The history of criminal justice in the United States is often described as a pendulum, swinging back and forth between strict punishment and lenient rehabilitation. While this view is common wisdom, it is wrong. In Breaking the Pendulum, Philip Goodman, Joshua Page, and Michelle Phelps debunk the pendulum perspective, showing that it distorts how and why criminal justice changes.



Crossings to Adulthood: How Diverse Young American Understand and Navigate Their Lives
(Brill, 2017)

Teresa Toguchi Swartz, Douglas Hartmann, and Ruben E. Rumbaut, eds.

Crossings to Adulthood: How Diverse Young Americans Understand and Navigate Their Lives, draws on more than 400 interviews with diverse young adults to examine how young Americans understand their lives and the challenges they face as they move into adulthood.


Assigned: Life with Gender
(Norton, 2016)

Lisa Wade, Douglas Hartmann, and Christopher Uggen, eds.

Assigned: Life with Gender is the sixth volume in The Society Pages series. Selected from around the web by Lisa Wade, winner of the ASA’s Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, the essays in this book present a revealing picture of gender in the United States today: socially constructed, sometimes fun but almost always problematic, fluid but forced into binaries, deeply ingrained but often misunderstood.



Midnight Basketball: Race, Sports, and Neoliberal Social Policy
(University of Chicago Press, 2016)

Douglas Hartmann

Organized in the 1980s and ’90s by dozens of American cities, late-night basketball leagues were designed for social intervention, risk reduction, and crime prevention targeted at African American youth and young men. In Midnight Basketball, Douglas Hartmann traces the history of the program and the policy transformations of the period, while exploring the racial ideologies, cultural tensions, and institutional realities that shaped the entire field of sports-based social policy.


Encore Adulthood: Boomers on the Edge of Risk, Renewal, and Purpose
(Oxford University Press, 2016)

Phylllis Moen

In Encore Adulthood, Phyllis Moen presents the realities of the "encore" life stage - the years between traditional careers and childraising and old age. Drawing on large-scale data sets and interviews with Boomers, HR personnel, and policymakers, this book illuminates the challenges that Boomers encounter as they transition from traditional careers into retirement.



Handbook of the Life Course: Volume II
(Springer, 2016)

Michael J. Shanahan, Jeylan T. Mortimer, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson, eds.

Building on the success of the 2003 Handbook of the Life Course, this second volume identifies future directions for life course research and policy. The introductory essay and the chapters that make up the five sections of this book, show consensus on strategic “next steps” in life course studies.


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