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The University of Minnesota offers a variety of courses, workshops, and events to provide you career guidance. These resources help you write effective resumes and cover letters, offer you information on how to manage social media professionally, and host practice interviews. These are just a few of the many ways the U of M can assist you with working on your career plan.

CLA Career Services also offers career and pre-law courses that are specifically designed for CLA students. They will prepare you to showcase and use your liberal arts advantage as you explore and pursue your career path.

ID 2201 Career Readiness for CLA Students (1 credit)

For CLA sophomores who have completed CLA's FYE class, or transfer students who have completed CLA 3001

Are you a CLA sophomore who is serious about planning for your future career success? Building on material covered during your First Year Experience course, the "Career Readiness for CLA Students" class will help you develop a career action plan. You will:

  • Explore possible career fields
  • Think ahead and set a plan to find experiences (internships, learning abroad, research, etc.)
  • Learn from employers and CLA alumni guest speakers who share strategies for success
  • Be ready to compete for and secure the opportunities you desire (resume, interviewing, networking, etc.)
  • Make plans to develop the skills, experiences, and Core Career Competencies that employers expect you to have and leverage your liberal arts degree for the career you desire

ID 3101 Major and Career Exploration for Transfer Students (2 credits)

For CLA transfer students, or any U of M student considering transferring to CLA

Are you a transfer student who is either undecided about which major to choose, or wondering what careers are an option with the major you have chosen? This course begins with a self assessment, then helps you explore a wide variety of major and career options based on your skills and interests. You will also learn how internships, work experience, volunteer opportunities, or other activities can impact your future success. The course covers two main subjects:

  • Self-Assessment: Learn more about your skills, values, interests, and personality
  • Exploring Options: Learn about majors available at the U, and enjoy how you can use your major to find a career you'll enjoy

We'll also introduce you to many of the resources available on campus that will support your internship or job search, and you'll interact with employers or CLA alumni who will share their tips on planning for career success.

ID 3201 Career Planning (2 credits)

For juniors and seniors in CLA

Wondering what you'll do after graduation? This course provides you with tools to incorporate your talents, values, interests, and experience into your career exploration and decision making. You'll spend time reflecting on how CLA has helped you develop your Core Career Competencies, and will consider how your liberal arts education will be an asset to your job search. You'll learn sophisticated job-search strategies like marketplace research, strategic resume writing, networking, and interviewing. You can also explore internship and graduate school options.

ID 3205 Law School Exploration (2 credits)

This course will provide an overview of applying to and attending law school, as well as careers and specialties within the field of law. You will also examine which undergraduate activities and experiences might help you get into law school. Assignments include informational interviews and off-campus site visits that allow you to examine the reality of attending law school and becoming a lawyer.

ID 3208 Internship Reflection (1 credit)

Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors doing an internship

Examine and reflect on your internship experience in this online course. Use your own self analysis as well as feedback from others to evaluate your internship performance and accomplishments. Develop a strong resume that incorporates your internship experiences while demonstrating your knowledge and skills.

  • You must be doing an internship during the semester you take this class
  • The internship must be new and not continued from a previous semester