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Practice Interview

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Like so many other things in life, interviewing improves with practice. 

Fortunately, as a CLA student, you have several ways to practice interviewing before you actually do it! 

Practice Interview Days

Every semester, CLA Career Services offers Practice Interview Days—events where professional recruiters come to campus to conduct practice interviews with CLA students. After each interview, the recruiter offers individualized feedback and interviewing tips.

It’s no wonder that CLA students love these free events!

“The best interview and résumé help I have received (despite fine-tuning my résumé for months!). I greatly appreciated my interviewer's efforts and comments.”

“This opportunity helped me immensely! I am planning to do an upcoming competitive on-campus interview, and now I feel prepared to go in and clearly and effectively display my skills.”

“My interviewer gave me specific and helpful feedback and showed me how to take my interviewing skills from average to exceptional. Very helpful!”

Practice Interview Days are posted on GoldPASS powered by Handshake and on our events page. If you don't see an upcoming session listed there now, check back later. 

Practice Interviewing Online with InterviewStream

InterviewStream allows you to do practice interviews through your own computer, at your convenience. All you need is a webcam. 

For access to this free service, log in to GoldPASS powered by Handshake, click on the “Career Center” drop-down menu, and then select the “Resources” option. Choose "InterviewStream" on the page that follows, then click on the “” link on the page after that.

While you’re on the InterviewStream website, be sure to check out its in-depth tutorials on interviewing success.

(Note: You can also use InterviewStream—and participate in real interviews via Skype or phone—by reserving a quiet, distraction-free interview room at CLA Career Services. Call 612-626-6574 for details.)

Why Should You Use InterviewStream?

  • It lets you practice interviewing as much as you want, whenever you want.
  • You can choose the interview questions you'll be asked; there are hundreds available.
  • You can save your interview and view it later.
  • You can send people a link to your interview to get feedback.

Practice Interviewing with a CLA Career Counselor

If you’d like, you can set up an appointment with a CLA career counselor who can take you through a practice interviewing session. You’ll get feedback immediately afterward.

The CLA Career Readiness Guide covers interviewing and a host of other career-related topics in depth. Access it online, or pick up a copy in CLA Career Services or in one of the CLA Academic Advising offices.