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Declaring an Economics Major

The Econ advisors will guide students through the major declaration process. In order to declare an Economics major, students must successfully complete the preparatory courses.

  • ECON 1101 - Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 1102 - Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Math 1271 - Calculus I

Students interested in pursuing a BS or BA-Q also need to complete Math 1272 - Calculus II before declaring the major.

Students cannot take upper-level (3000-4000) Economics courses until they officially declare a major.

The first step in declaring a Econ major is to complete the Pre-Declaration Module in Canvas. To be eligible to enroll in the module, students need to have the preparatory courses in-progress or completed. Please complete the following form to be added to the module.

Students who do not complete the module before their declaration appointment will have to reschedule. Major declaration appointments will be cancelled 24 hours in advance if the module has not been successfully completed.