Registration Policies for Economics

Guidelines for All Students

All students must follow the Economics Department registration policies listed below.

  • Only officially declared students are allowed to register for ECON courses 3000-level or higher. If you haven't declared a major in economics, be sure to complete the form to enroll in the Pre-declaration Module in Canvas. The form can be found under the Declare an Econ Major tab.
  • Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Students who have not completed prerequisites with grades of C- or better will be dropped.

  • Students may take up to two upper-level ECON courses per Summer session (provided that prerequisites have been met).

  • Students may take up to three upper-level ECON courses per term in Fall and Spring sessions (provided that prerequisites have been met).

  • Only one ECON writing intensive course per term.

  • Students that received a W (Withdrawal) or lower than a C- (D or F) can retake the course in the following term.

  • Students requesting to repeat an Economics course for which they have received a passing grade (A, B, or C), the repeat can only be done in the Summer Session

Guidelines for Different Economics Degrees

  • BS students: only one advanced Econ course per term. BA and BAQ students can request to enroll in an advanced course (if space is available) after the end of the normal registration queue.
  • BIS, IDIM, ICP, and non-degree seeking students: must complete the policy exception form to take upper level Econ courses.

  • Math Actuarial Science students: should be able to register for ECON 3101 and ECON 4261 on their own. If you are having difficulty registering, please email to request to be added to an open course/section of ECON 3101 or ECON 4261.

  • Minors: must complete the policy exception form to take upper level Econ courses. Note: priority for Fall and Spring terms are given to majors. The majority of exceptions for minors are granted for summer sessions.

Request a Registration Policy Exception:

Any student requesting an exception to the registration policies must complete the Econ Policy Exception form.

All policy exception forms will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Undergraduate Econ Advisors. 

Students requesting an exception to the repeat policy, who are attempting to take an ECON course during another term (Fall or Spring) must complete the policy exception form. Students repeating an ECON course will be notified of the decisions once new major enrollment is complete (second week of term). Preference will be given to students who have earned a grade (or mark) of D+, D, S, F or W. Students who earned an Incomplete must made-up the coursework within one year or the grade will change to an F. Students who complete this policy exception form and are approved can only be added to open course sections. Exceptions for closed courses will not be approved. Students who register for an Econ course prior to receiving departmental approval will be dropped and a registration hold will be put on their record. This hold will affect all future registration for Econ courses.

Any questions about requesting an exception to the registration policies can be addressed by the ECON advisors at