Registration Policies for Economics

Registration Guidelines & Prerequisites

All students must follow the Economics Department registration policies listed below.

  • To declare an Economics major or minor, you need to enroll in the online declaration module in Canvas
  • Prerequisites to Economics courses are enforced. Students who have not completed prerequisites with grades of C- or better will be dropped.

  • The Department recommends no more than two upper-level ECON courses per Summer session (provided that prerequisites have been met).

  • The Department recommends no more than three upper-level ECON courses per term in Fall and Spring sessions (provided that prerequisites have been met).

  • ECON 3101 - Intermediate Microeconomics is the gateway course into the major and minor. The only Economics course that can be taken concurrently with ECON 3101 is an entry-level elective study (ECON 3960, 4311, 4317, or ACCT 2050).

  • Only one entry-level elective can apply toward the major or minor requirements. Students should avoid an entry-level electives if they plan to study abroad and take an Econ course.

Guidelines for Different Economics Degrees

  • BS students: the Department recommends you only take one advanced Econ course per term. Two regular electives have to be complete before taking an advanced course. BA, BA-B and BA-Q students can request to enroll in an advanced course (if space is available) after the end of the normal registration queue.
  • BA, BA-B and BA-Q students: Both Statistics courses and the Econ writing intensive elective needs to be complete before taking ECON 3951 - Senior Capstone.
  • BIS, IDIM, ICP, and non-degree seeking students should meet with an Economics advisor to discuss course sequencing.

Request a Registration Policy Exception:

Any student requesting an exception to the registration policies must complete the Econ Policy Exception form.

All policy exception forms will be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Undergraduate Economics Advisors. 

Any questions about requesting an exception to the registration policies can be addressed by the Economics Advising at