Transfer Course Evaluation Process

If you have taken courses at another institution in economics, mathematics, or statistics that you want to count towards your major requirements, you will need to have them evaluated. 

If you attended an institution in the United States and want to see if the course has already been approved as equivalent to a course at the University of Minnesota, it can be found in Transferology. For courses that need to be evaluated, we require a syllabus that provides information about the course you completed. 

A syllabus is a detailed document that explains what was taught in the course. It is not the same as your transcript or a course description. 

How to Submit Transfer Courses for Review

Courses from Universities/Colleges in the United States

The University of Minnesota Office of Admissions provides instructions on submitting domestic courses for review. See the sections on domestic credits. 

Courses from International Universities/Colleges

Evaluation of Economics Courses

For economics courses completed at an international institution, our department will review the courses for direct equivalencies at the University of Minnesota. Submit syllabi for those courses through the International Transfer Course Evaluation Form

Evaluation of Mathematics or Statistics Courses

To have math or statistics courses evaluated, students need to complete the Re-Evaluation of Credits Transferred form. You can get the form by contacting your college advisor. If you have any questions regarding math or statistics courses, you can also contact the departments.