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Registration Policies

Registration Reminders

  • Students must follow the economics department registration policies listed below:
    • Prerequisites are strictly enforced. Students who haven't completed prerequisites with grades of C- or better will be dropped.
    • Students may take up to two upper-level economicsĀ courses per summer (provided that prerequisites have been met).
    • Students may take up to three upper-level economicsĀ courses per term in fall semesters and spring semesters (provided that prerequisites have been met).
    • Only one economics writing intensive course per term.
    • BS students only: Only one advanced economics course per term.
    • ECON courses can only be repeated in the summer if the initial grade was a C- or better.
  • Only officially declared students are allowed to register for economics courses 3000-level or higher. If you haven't declared a major in economics, be sure to make an appointment with an economics advisor as soon as possible to discuss your eligibility and timeline to declare.
  • Students in any one of the economics minor programs must wait to register for upper-level economics courses until all declared students get through the registration cue. At that point, economics minor students should contact the undergraduate economics advisors ( to discuss permission to register for these courses. Undergraduate economics advisors cannot get students into closed economics courses.
  • Officially declared math actuarial science students should be able to register for ECON 3101 or ECON 4261 on their own. If you are a math actuarial science student and are having difficulty registering please fill out the appropriate form below to request to be added to the open course/section you prefer:

For questions regarding access to math or statistics courses, please contact the respective department:

Fall 2016 Advanced Economic Courses for BS Students

Policies for advanced economic elective courses:

  • Prerequisites are enforced. You cannot take a course for which you have not successfully completed the required prerequisite courses. Prerequisites can be found in the class search.
  • Students cannot get credit for an advanced economic elective course if you have already completed on non-advanced equivalent course. For example, students cannot take ECON 4751H: Honors Financial Economics if you have already taking ECON 4751: Financial Economics.
  • These courses are reserved for students who are completing the BS degree. Students completing the BA or BA-Q who are in the University Honors Program are also allowed to register for advanced courses if the course has an "H" designator in the course number (i.e., ECON 4751H)
  • Students are allowed to take only one advanced economic elective course per term. Students must also have senior status (90 credits or more). These credits include complete and in-progress credits.

NOTE: Instructor information is posted for these courses. Please do not contact faculty with questions about registering for these courses.

ECON 4751H: Honors Financial Economics
Reserved for students in the University Honors Program. Students who have already completed ECON 4751: Financial Economics cannot take this course.

ECON 4108: Advanced Game Theory & Applications
Reserved for BS students only.

ECON 4968-001: Advanced Topics in Economics - Uncertainty and Information
Reserved for BS students only.

ECON 4968-002: Topics in Economics - Political Economy of Institutions & Development
Reserved for BS students only. Students who have already completed this course in fall 2015 cannot take it again.

Any students having difficulty registering for these courses should first check the prerequisites to make sure they are all met. If you are still unable to register by yourself, please fill out the registration request form.