Class of 1889 Memorial Prize

This paper competition commemorates the first class of history majors to graduate from the University of Minnesota by awarding up to three cash prizes annually.

Application Procedure & Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is limited to undergraduate history majors only.

In order to be eligible for prize submission, papers must:

  • Be completed between January 1 and December 31 of the preceding calendar year (even if you graduate before the prize is awarded).
  • Be accompanied by an appropriate cover sheet (available in the Undergraduate Studies Office).
  • Be at least 20 pages in length and based on research in primary sources.
  • The Class of 1889 Prize is due Monday March 2nd, 2020.

Past Recipients

Sofia Logan (2018-2019)
"State Repression and Street Resistance in the Kingdom of Samba" 
Makiki Reuvers (2015-2016)

A Walk with the Devil: Epressions of Cultural Tensions on the American Frontier through Religious Narrative in 1785"

Maria Brekke (2014-2015)
"Refugee and Asylum Policy Post-9/11: The Redefinition of Asylum Policy as an Issue of National Security"

Rose Miron (2013-2014)
"Hearing Their Stories: The Stockbridge-Muncee Band of Mohicans Tribal Nation of Wisconsin"

Renae Rodgers (2012-2013)
"Transitions in Textbooks: National Identity in the Volksschule History Texts, 1939-1949"

Alyssa Miller (2011-2012)
"Not the Time to Play Games:  Sport and the Spirit of Britain, From Triumph to Tragedy, in WWI"

Yuridia Ramirez (2011-2012)
"Idealizing Independence: Guanajuato, Mexico, and Sites of Memory"

Joe Whitson (2011-2012)
"Coal Miner's Blues: Folk Music and Class-Consciousness in the Southern Appalachians"

Kimberly Scriver (2010-2011)
"Preserving Patriarchy: Young Women of the South and the American Civil War"

Rowan Morbey (2009-2010)
"Islam in Turkestan: A Report by Governor-General Sergei Mihailovich Dukhovskoi"

Alisha Santoorjian (2009-2010)
"Hot Pants Take the Field: Media Representations of the 1971 Women’s Soccer World Championship in Mexico"

Emma O'Brien (2008-2009)
"Mapping the City One Rap at a Time: Place and Hip Hop in Minneapolis, Minnesota"

Maria Moncur (2007-2008)
"Our Brave Fathers: The War of 1812 and the Development of Public Historical Narratives in Ontario, 1812-1900"

Grant Grays (2006-2007)
"Artistic Expression, Political Participation, and African-American Identity in the Third Black Renaissance"

Timothy Hulett (2006-2007)
"Travel, Place, and Social Mores in Early Modern England"

Ryan Mulholland (2006-2007)
"The Runaway Presidency: A Judicial Theory of Presidential Power"

Amanda Dlouhy (2005-2006)
"The Role of Historic Preservation in Neighborhood Revitalization: Milwaukee Avenue"