Nonwestern Paper Prize

Application Procedure & Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility is limited to undergraduate history majors with excellent scholastic records, who have taken at least two upper-division classes in non-western history during the preceding calendar year.

In order to be eligible for prize submission, papers must:

  • Be completed in the previous fall, summer, or spring semester (e.g., for the spring 2021 prize, the paper must be from fall, summer, or spring 2020).
  • Be accompanied by an appropriate cover sheet (contact for a copy).
  • Be written on a topic of non-western history (includes global history).
  • The Non-Western Paper Prize is due the first Monday in March.

Past Recipients

  • Alex Kincaid-Beal (2022 - 2023)
    • “Devastating Earthquakes and International Politics in Late-19th Century NE Iran”
  • Christina Craig (2021-2022)
    • "Learning Through Labor: The Construction and Negotiation of Childhood and Work in the British East Africa Protectorate, 1895-1924"
  • Juliet Paulson (2020-2021)
    • “Three Women’s Tales of Gender Transgression and Transformation: An Analysis of Women’s Fiction in Late Imperial China”