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Transferring to the School of Music 

Transfer release 

As an accredited, institutional member school of the National Association for Schools of Music, we kindly require students who are currently enrolled at a school of music and looking to transfer to the University of Minnesota School of Music to submit a transfer release form by the application deadline of their desired term of entry. This form is required if a student is supported by a music scholarship at their current institution, and wishes to be considered for scholarship at the University of Minnesota School of Music. Per the NASM Code of Ethics, no award will be offered without documented formal release. Forms may be submitted electronically to, or by post to Music Admissions, 200A Ferguson Hall, 2106 4th Street South, Minneapolis MN 55455. 

Transfer of music credits

A full audit of transferability of credits is only offered to students who gain formal admission to the University of Minnesota and the School of Music.

  • The number of music credits that may transfer to a music degree is dependent mostly on placement exams. Placement exams in music theory, ear-training, and keyboard are required if you have any college-level credits in those areas. Students admitted for the fall usually take these exams during the School of Music Welcome Week, immediately before the beginning of classes in September. For students admitted for spring, theory and ear-training exams are offered at the beginning of the spring term and keyboard competencies can be scheduled on an individual basis.
  • Transfer credits for applied lessons will be determined through a transfer-credit evaluation jury. The jury will take place at the end of the first semester of applied study.
  • Most music history courses and ensemble courses will transfer directly; however, students may need to submit a syllabus or course description for review.
  • Music therapy and music education coursework is transferred at the discretion of the faculty of those areas.  

For information on transfer of general education or liberal education credits, please contact the Office of Admission.

Transfer Questions?  Contact the Music Admissions Office: | 612-624-2847