Minor in Psychology

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The field of psychology is broad and diverse, encompassing areas such as human learning and memory, personality, behavior genetics, biological psychology, counseling, abnormal psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and social behavior. A minor in psychology is designed to give you a strong foundation in psychological statistics and research methodology.

A minor in psychology allows students to explore their individual interests in psychology, which may be applied in virtually any field of work or help prepare you for more in-depth study of psychology at the graduate level. In addition to foundational coursework, students will take three PSY courses in cognitive and brain sciences, clinical psychology, personality and social psychology, individual differences, and quantitative and applied psychology.

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Declare Your Minor

To declare a psychology minor, please visit us during designated Psychology Advising drop-in hours. At this 10–15 minute meeting, we will review the minor requirements and electronically declare your psychology minor.

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