BA in Psychology

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The Psychology BA is a liberal arts-focused degree program that includes a breadth of coursework within the discipline of psychology. Psychology examines human behavior through environmental, genetic, physiological, and social determinants. We deliver a strong general background in psychology and an ability to think clearly and critically in different settings. A degree in psychology will prepare you for a wide variety of careers and graduate studies, including work in counseling/therapy, business, government/law, and education.

The BA degree requires students to complete four semesters of foreign language study. The language curriculum complements students' interests in cross-cultural studies, contributes to the development of a global worldview, and facilitates study abroad experiences.

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Psychology BA majors may select between three capstone experiences:

  • Capstone in Psychology: Research Laboratory (PSY 3901W)
  • Capstone in Psychology: Individual Interests (PSY 3902W) 
  • Capstone in Psychology: Community Engagement (PSY 3903W)

BA students commonly choose to enroll in PSY 3902W or PSY 3903W. Students with a second major in another CLA department may choose to complete that department's capstone, but must complete 36 total credits in psychology, using additional electives to replace credits that would have been earned through psychology's capstone course.

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Transfer Students

  • Students must complete a minimum of 16 upper-level credits within psychology as University of Minnesota Twin Cities credit
  • Students may request an evaluation of non-psychology UMN courses with substantially similar content or transfer psychology courses for consideration of inclusion in the major program

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CLA Requirements

Learn more about the College of Liberal Arts BA academic requirements, including the second language requirement.