Undergraduate Minor in Health Psychology

Track your minor progress by filling out the Health Psych Minor Requirements Worksheet

A minor in health psychology provides students with knowledge in a vital field within the discipline of psychology. The leading health concerns in our world have substantial behavioral components, making the study of health psychology highly relevant for pre-health science students, health care professionals, and students pursuing human and social services.

In addition to the foundation courses, students will also take:

  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY 3604)
  • Health Psychology (PSY 3206)
  • Psychology of Stress & Trauma (PSY 4521)

View the full requirements for the Health Psychology minor. 

Declare Your Minor 

To declare a health psychology minor, please follow the steps listed below.

Note: Declared Psychology majors are NOT eligible to declare a Health Psychology minor.

  1. Look through the Minor Declaration Presentation (Google Drive)
  2. Take the quiz
  3. Once you finish the quiz, wait for a confirmation that Psychology Advising staff has declared your minor. The wait time is about one week.  

Email psyadvis@umn.edu if you have any questions.