1000-Level Summer Courses

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Use this custom filter for a complete list of 1000-level courses offered by CLA departments during Summer 2024. 

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Here is a sampling of "Introduction to..." courses:

Cultural Studies
CSCL 1001W

Gender, Power, and Everyday Life
GWSS 1001

PHIL 1001

PSY 1001

SOC 1001

Music & Movies
MUS 1015W

Law, Crime & Punishment
SOC 1101

Public Speaking
COMM 1101

Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 1101

Political Ideas
POL 1201

University Writing
WRIT 1301

Geography, Environment & Society
GEOG 1502

Language & Society
LING 1701

The Sixties: History & Memory
HIST 1811

Literature & Writing
ENGL 1001W: Introduction to Literature: Poetry, Drama, Narrative
ENGL 1005: Reading Poetry
ENGL 1031: Introduction to the Short Story
ENGL 1051: Progress & Madness: Literature, Science & Technology
ENGL 1301W: Introduction to Multicultural Literatures of the United States - 2nd session now open!
ENGL 1501W: Literature and Public Life
ENGL 1701: Modern Fiction
ENGW 1101W: Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGW 1102W: Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGW 1103W: Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGW 1104W: Introduction to Literary Nonfiction Writing