Career Planning

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Career Planning

Whether you are in your first semester at CLA or preparing to graduate, we are here to help you connect the dots between college and career.

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Career Paths from CLA Majors

With a liberal arts education, your degree offers you more than a major. Go ahead and explore possible career paths according to majors ... but also explore how CLA’s Core Competencies ensure you’ll graduate from CLA ready for success across many industries.

CLA's Core Career Competencies

No matter which major you choose in CLA, your liberal arts courses and experiences combine so you can demonstrate gains in all ten of these areas that employers and alumni tell us matter most.

These competencies give you a competitive edge that makes you stand out as a candidate for jobs and graduate programs. The adaptability these competencies provide will position you for lasting success in your personal, public, and professional life.

Career Planning Tools in One Place

Want to see all the resources available to you? Want to discover your next steps? The online CLA Career Hub helps you navigate it all.

CLA Career Coaching

411 Bruininks Hall - Career Services

Did you know CLA has its own Career Services office? The largest at any of the University’s colleges!

Our expert career coaches can help you in a wide variety of ways, no matter where you are on your career development journey. We will help you carefully plan your college experience, consider the future, and gain valuable experience so that you graduate ready for what’s next.

Whatever career questions and concerns you might have, we can help you find answers and sort things out!

Career Exploration

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Use our targeted career guidance to explore Pre-Health, Pre-Law, and any (or all!) of our eight CLA Career Fields:

•    Arts
•    Business
•    Communications & Media
•    Education
•    Government & Law
•    Healthcare & Science
•    Nonprofit & Advocacy
•    Tech

Career Events

Employer and Student shaking hands at a Career fair

CLA Career Services offers you all sorts of event programming, giving you the chance to connect with alumni and recruiters, get feedback on resumes or cover letters, practice interviewing, and so much more! Don’t miss our CLA Career & Internship Fair, the U of M Job Fair, and other events!

The CLA Internship & Career Fair is a free event for CLA students and recent alumni. For-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations are in attendance, and you can develop your networking skills and get advice about internships, volunteer opportunities, and full-time careers.

Career Management Courses

Want to approach career management with all the structure and guidance of your other CLA courses? We got you! CLA Career Services offers six unique career management courses, each specifically designed to meet students where they are at in their college and career journeys.

You can take an individual course anywhere within CLA’s career readiness curriculum at any time. Know, though, that if you want to — and we strongly encourage you to do this! — you can take a sequential series of these courses to earn a Career Readiness Certificate

More Career Resources Especially for CLA Students


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