Lensa Ali

Lensa Ali

Share your educational background, including degree(s), institution(s), undergraduate major and graduation year(s).

Physiology, B.A. University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, 2018

Tell us about your work. This may include job title or organization, projects you're involved in, populations with whom you work, etc.

As a medical student, I'm planning to get involved with the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, a student-run, free clinic for under/uninsured patient populations.

What led you to this profession? Tell us about your path.

My major in physiology inspired me to learn more about the human body and how it functions, so I got involved in research labs on campus that focused on diabetes from a physiological and community perspective. In one department I tried to figure out the mechanisms behind beta cell depletion and in my other department I talked with community members about how their access to resources impacted their health, i.e the development of diabetes. These experiences coupled with multiple volunteering experiences at hospitals motivated me to pursue a career in medicine. I have an interest in increased access to healthcare and overall community health and I want to be a provider who contributes to this goal.

What is your advice for current CLA students interested in a health care career?

Volunteer! Seek out and try a multitude of experiences because you might surprise yourself and find new passions.

Describe your participation in extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, research, or study-abroad opportunities during your undergraduate years that helped you prepare for your current role.

I worked as a Life Skills Instructor for individuals with autism for about 2 years before I matriculated and that was a great experience. It taught me more about patience, compassion and, I think most importantly, how to be an advocate for our more vulnerable populations. I believe this is so relevant in the practice of medicine because there are groups within our society that are overlooked, and that needs to change.