Pre-Health Timeline

This timeline is designed to provide general guidance and promote conversation between you and your Pre-Health team. Specific plans for particular students will vary according to the individual, their academic plans, and program requirements for specific professional schools. 

year 1 through 4 graphic

Year One

  • Meet with your college advisor.
  • Get started on your prerequisite courses.
  • Use academic success resources to support learning.
  • ​Explore your options for health careers.
  • Attend Pre­-Health meetings of student organizations.
  • Apply early for opportunities to gain experience during the summer or school year.
  • Consider whether you want to study abroad.

Year Two

  • Get started on an experience such as an internship, volunteer, or research opportunity.
  • Stay on track with prerequisite courses.
  • Attend Pre­-Health meetings of student organizations.
  • Connect with faculty and mentors.
  • Explore the healthcare landscape.

Year Three

  • Develop your application strategy (if taking a gap year, adjust the timeline accordingly):
    • Select your top schools based upon fit for you.
    • Register and prepare for admission entrance exams.
    • Secure letters of recommendation.
    • Write your personal statement.
  • Continue volunteer, leadership, and research projects.
  • Complete most applicable coursework prior to taking admissions exams.
  • Submit your application in a timely manner.
  • Develop your parallel plan to provide you with a strong alternative.

Year Four

  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Receive letters of acceptance or rejection:
    • If accepted, decide where you want to go.
    • If rejected, it’s OK! Consider a gap year or post­bac program. Try again or move to your parallel plan.

Get Started On Your Plan!

It's never too early to start your own Pre-Health Action Plan and receive personal feedback from a career counselor at the Pre-Health Student Resource Center. If you need assistance with the “Academic Planning” section of your action plan, please schedule an appointment with your CLA academic advisor.

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