National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month

As we wrap up National Hispanic Heritage Month, we

  • Recognize our Hispanic, Chicanx, and Latinx students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community partners.
  • Honor the scholarship, creative expression, and collaborations that originate from and engage with Chicanx and Latinx studies.
  • Invite all members of our community to learn about this important work by reading these stories, taking classes, attending events, and more.

Community Engagement & Social Justice at the Heart

Meet some of the CLA scholars making a difference in the community. 

"I’m most excited about joining such a vibrant department whose history is legendary, whose faculty and staff are passionate and committed to, as the CLS goals state, 'support and increase the presence of Chicanos and Latinos in the intellectual, political, and social professions, both within and beyond the Midwest,' which then 'promote cultural affirmation, social justice values, and community service.'”

Professor Amelia María de la Luz Montes, Chicano & Latino Studies

Jesus Estrada-Perez in white shirt with black glasses smiling under a tiki hut

Celebrating the legacy of scholar and activist Jesús Estrada-Pérez, this fund provides fellowships for graduate students whose work engages some aspect of queer Latinx artistic production, cultural studies, social justice issues, and related interdisciplinary theories. 

Make a gift to the Jesús Estrada-Pérez Memorial Fellowship


Critical Latinx Studies Cohort

Meet the American studies graduate students who are part of a new Critical Latinx studies cohort.


Hispanic Issues

Hispanic Issues print volume "Ethics of Life"

A refereed scholarly series devoted to the study of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures—including literary criticism and historiography, Hispanic cultural studies, human rights, Hispanic linguistics, and other areas of inquiry. Each publication stresses collaborative research, drawing on a network of scholars from the United States and abroad.

Learn more about Hispanic Issues

Read online volumes


Creative Approaches

Learn about a few of our interdisciplinary initiatives and the artist-scholars behind them.

"My art is part of my research. It’s an important strand of my research agenda because I think that creative expression really is the most accessible way for the public to understand radical imagination."

Assistant Professor Jessica Lopez Lyman, Chicano & Latino Studies

"With the [Artist in Residence] program, [the Department of Chicano & Latino Studies] is able to actualize the original vision of Chicana/o/x and Latinx studies as a truly interdisciplinary field and recognize the arts as a critical component of our interdisciplinarity."

Professor Karen Mary Davalos, Chicano & Latino Studies

¡Presente!: 50 Years of Chicano & Latino Studies

To commemorate its first fifty years, the department developed an exhibition called ¡Presente!: 50 Years of Chicano & Latino Studies in collaboration with Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES) and the UMN Heritage Studies & Public History program. 

View the virtual gallery


Learn with us

Our classes are open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students.













Department of Chicano & Latino Studies

Grounded in the legacy of the 1960s Chicano civil rights movement, the Department of Chicano & Latino Studies traces the intellectual contributions, cultural shifts, histories and political developments of people of Mexican and Latin American descent living in the United States.

Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies

Founded in the 1960s, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies investigates and teaches the cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. By engaging the expressions of diverse communities, students gain linguistic, cultural, and analytical abilities that prepare them for many careers.

Department of American Studies

Approaching the study of US culture from a local, global, regional, and transnational perspective, the Department of American Studies' courses challenge students to examine issues from a variety of geographic scales and locations.

Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Learn about how the Center for Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender & Sexuality Studies brings together faculty and students to pursue lines of inquiry that challenge systems of power and inequality, assert human dignity, and imagine social transformation.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Program

Situated CLA and with all CLA undergraduates eligible to join, the MLK Program specializes in serving students who identify as Black, Indigenous, or students of color (BIPOC).


Upcoming Events

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