Islamic Studies Minor Faculty

Faculty Advisor

Name Contact Specialties
Nida Sajid
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
260 Nicholson Hall
South Asian Literature and Culture, Modern Muslim World and Islam in South Asia, Empire and Postcolonial Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Advisory Committee

Name Contact Specialties
Hakim Abderrezak
Associate Professor
French & Italian 
303C Folwell Hall
French and Francophone language, literature, and culture, French immigration policies, Maghrebi cinema, north African and Caribbean literature
Cawo Abdi
Associate Professor
1146 Social Sciences Building
Migration, transnationalism, Islam, race, class, gender, globalization
Nabil Matar
English and History
330C Lind Hall
Early modern Euro-Islamic contacts, 17th century British religious literature
Visiting Assistant Professor
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
220 Folwell Hall
Persian literature, Sexuality, Nationalism and colonialism, Modernization


Name Contact Specialties
William Beeman
395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Islam, Middle Eastern religion and anthropology
Giancarlo Casale
Associate Professor
1237 Heller Hall
Ottoman Empire, intellectual life in the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Sinem Casale
Assistant Professor
Art History
346 Heller Hall
Islamic art and architecture, with an emphasis on the history and visual culture of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals
Kathleen Collins
Associate Professor
Political Science
1331 Social Sciences Building
Religion and politics, particularly Islam and politics, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Soviet and post-Soviet political development in Russia and the successor states, democratization and political transition, clan, tribal, and ethnic politics
Joseph Farag
Assistant Professor
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
220 Folwell Hall
Palestinian Literature and Culture, Modern Arabic Literature, Postcolonial Theory and Criticism
Joseph Gerteis
Associate Professor
1125 Social Science Building
Historical Sociology, Politics and Social Movements, Social Theory, Diversity and Solidarity in American Society
Aisha Ghani
Assistant Professor
Anthropology and Religious Studies
369 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Anthropology of religion and secularism, political and legal anthropology, violence, liberalism sovereignty, U.S. constitutional and environmental law, Islamic law, psychoanalysis, courtroom ethnography, social theory; Islam and Muslim communities in the United States
Mohsen Goudarzi
Assistant Professor
Classical and Near Eastern Studies and Religious Studies
266 Nicholson Hall
Early Islamic history, Qu'ranic studies
Carol Hakim
Associate Professor
1235 Heller Hall
Nationalism and intellectual history, State formation, state-society relations, and authoritarianism in the Arab world, Political and economic development of the Arab world in the late 19th- and 20th-centuries
Michelle Hamilton
Spanish & Portuguese
209 Folwell Hall
Jews, Muslims, and Christians in medieval Iberia; Maimonides; Ibn Rushd; Christian mystics; Moriscos; mysticism
Diyah Larasati
Associate Professor
Theater and Dance
425 Ford Hall
Study of Archive, Memory of Violence, Creative Projects in Post-Conflict/War Zones (Asia), Performing Arts in Global Politics & Culture, Dancing Body, Tourism & Female Citizenship, Genocide/Massacre Cultural Reconstruction, Politics of Human Rights and Creative Arts, Dancing Body in Southeast Asian Islam, Aesthetics of Traditional/Indigenous Space and Embodiment
Classical and Near Eastern Studies 
258 Nicholson Hall
Hebrew Bible, Jewish studies, history of interpretation, literary approaches to biblical studies, divine revelation
Patricia Lorcin
1020 Heller Hall
Modern France and French imperialism, Race and Racial ideology in France and its colonies, Western Imperialism, Colonialism, Post-colonial Studies
Michael Lower
1122 Heller Hall
Medieval Mediterranean, the Crusades, Christian-Muslim Relations, North Africa
Matthew Rahaim
Associate Professor
School of Music
170 Ferguson Hall
South Asia, vocal and bodily practices, ethical self-cultivation, phenomenology, performance, ethnography, sonic ecology
Kathryn Reyerson
1120 Heller Hall
Mediterranean World, Medieval Europe, Medieval France, Social and economic history, Legal history, World History
Hassan Abdel Salam
Assistant Professor
Sociology Cultural Sociology, Global Sociology, Sociology of law, Sociology of Religion, Human Rights, Islam, Research Methods
Abdi Samatar
414 Social Sciences Building
Development theory and the state capitalist development, environment and development, political economy, agrarian change, Ethnic politics, East and Southern Africa, Third World Islamic world, Botswana, Somalia, Ethiopia
Daniel Schroeter
1018 Heller Hall
Jewish studies, Middle East, north Africa
Sima Shakhsari
Assistant Professor
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
425 Ford Hall
Transnational Feminist Theory and Practice, Transnational Queer Theory and Sexuality Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Social Media, Diasporas, Refugee Studies, Political Anthropology, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Studies of Governmentality, Neoliberalism, Civil Society
Shaden Tageldin
Associate Professor
Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature
218 Nicholson Hall
19th- and 20th-century literatures in English, Arabic, French, empire and postcolonial studies, critical translation theory, political of language, literary form, genre, histories and ideologies of comparative literature, aesthetics and biologics of race, nation, culture, literatures of migration and diaspora
Katrien Vanpee
Director of Arabic Language Instruction
Asian Languages and Literatures
220 Folwell Hall
Pre-Islamic, Classical and Modern Arabic Poetry, Classical and Modern Arabic Literature, Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Nabati Poetry Cultural Heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, Arabian Gulf Studies