Graduate Students


Name Specialty
Matthew Aguilar-Champeau Race, Class, Culture, Gaming, Marxist Sociology, Qualitative Methods
Desiree Alvarez-McNelis  
Isabel Arriagada
Latin America, Law and Society, Economic Sociology, Theories of Punishment, Law, Crime, and Deviance
Jackie Austin Intersectionality, Disability and Higher Education, Social Justice, Inequality (Race, Class, Gender and Ability)
Rachel Bergman Inherent imperialism rooted in the international development sector and better understanding international solidarity movements. 
Anna Bokun Labor, Demography, Policy Analysis, Cash Transfers, Methods
Fabio Bolz  
Morgan Brokob
Gender and Sexuality, Politics, Social Movements, Globalization
Kriti Budhiraja Racialized Organizations, Critical Race and Caste Studies, Education, Social Inequalities, Qualitative Research Methodologies, Global and Transnational Sociology, South Asia.
Joshua Caffrey  
Brooke Chambers  
Sierra Clark Health disparities, Health geography,  racialization of space, The environment
Daniel Cueto-Villalobos Urban Studies, Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Religion, Political Economy, Political Sociology
Corey Culver  
Caitlin Curry Law & Society, Race, Punishment, Cause Lawyering, and Qualitative Methods
Anna DalCortivo Law, Crime & Punishment, Social Movements, Race and Inequality
Xochitl de Anda Arellanes  
Christine Delp Culture, morality, religion
Nick Dickens  
Dylan DiGiacomo-Stumm  
Gunercindo Espinoza Critical race theory, law and society, social movements
Nadia Fitch Contemporary manifestation of racism, stratification, inequality, Black identity construction, and the intricate domain of the Sociology of Sport.
Laura Gilbertson Religion, race, social inequality, reproduction of privilege, parenting practices, American Evangelicalism
Emma Goldstein  
Xiaowen Han Social Stratification, Transition to Adulthood, Social Attitude, Life Course
Mallory Harrington Sociology of Law; Media and Communication; Regulation
Jessie Himmelstern Work and Occupations, Demography, Health disparities, Life Course, Quantitative methodologies
Isabella Irtifa Immigration and Borders, Race and Ethnicity, Imperialism and Colonialism, Community Organizing, Anthropology of Place/Space, Political Sociology
Monica Jarvi Theories of environmental privilege and the interaction between capitalism, colonialism and the environment through the pursuit of research in food studies and the effectiveness of hunger relief approaches.
Hyeyun Jeong Inequality and stratification, how inequalities are transmitted across generations, how individual’s early life experience affects their later life outcomes, and how advantages and disadvantages are accumulated throughout individual’s life course.
Ethan Johnson Culture, social movements, anti-racism, urban sociology, transportation and urban planning
Mason Jones  
Aras Koksal Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Movements, Sociology of Knowledge, Higher Education, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods
Snigdha Kumar Labor Studies, Political Economy, History of Capitalism, Social Theory, India, Marxist Theory
Lena Kunjan  
Shania Kuo Asian Americans, Race, Class, and Gender, Family, Sociology of Mental Health, Sociology of Emotions, Life Course
Hyunjae Kwon Family Demography, Social Stratification, Work, Life course 
Jillian LaBranche Genocide and Mass Atrocities, Transnational Justice, Collective Memory, Education, Sub-Sahara Africa
Mao (Moh) Lee Social inequality, Gender, Family, Migration/Refugee, Hmong, Education
Forrest Lovette Religion, Voting Behavior, Cross-National Research, Religious Congregations, Morality, Quantitative Methods
Jean Marie (DeOrnellas) Maier Higher education, sport, organizations, culture
Mahala Miller  Family, culture, and health.
Tayler Nelson Emotions; Gender, work and family; Health, medicalization and addiction
Allison Nobles Gender, sexuality and violence
My Nguyen Economic Sociology, Social Networking, Financial deal-making, Global and Transnational Sociology, Capitalism, Gender, Identities
Kobie Price Spatial inequality, Racial inequality, Migration, Urban space, Environmental disasters
Chris Robertson Social Class and Race, Policing, Punishment, Black Middle Class
Erika Sanborne Religion, pedagogy (teaching), aging, race
Hannah Schwendeman Crime, Law, and Punishment, Violence, Race, Class, and Gender
Eric Seligman  
Nikoleta Sremac Gender; Collective Memory and Cultural Trauma; Social Movements and Political Sociology; Social Theory; Feminist Theory and Methods
Brieanna Watters Genocide and Mass Atrocities, Cultural Trauma, Social Memory Studies
Mi'Chael Wright Identity, Sociology of Media, Sociology of Mental Health, Digital Sociology, Sociology of Childhood
Stephen Wulff Policing, Punishment, Criminology, Law & Society, Social Movements, Urban Sociology, Sociological Theory, Qualitative Methods