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Graduate Students

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Matthew Aguilar-Champeau Race and ethnicity, diversity, video games and gaming
Tanja Andic
Education, Migration, Labor Repro-duction, Post-Socialist States, Balkan Youth, Sociology of Consumption, Discourse & Rhetoric, Ethnographic Methods, Inequality, and Welfare.
Isabel Arriagada
Latin America, Law and Society, Economic Sociology, Theories of Punishment, Law, Crime, and Deviance
Amy August Education, parenting, childhood, and families, youth extracurricular activities, sports
Jackie Austin Demography, mental health, suicide, disability studies, life course, inequality
De Andre Beadle Law, Crime & Punishment, Life Course, Gender, Race & Class, Health disparities, Critical Race Theory
Anna Bokun Economic Sociology, financialization, income inequality, social stratification, labor markets, deindustrialization, technology, credit/debit, urbanization, post-Soviet divergence
Stacey Brumbaugh-Johnson
Sexuality, Family, Social Psychology, Intersectionality
Kriti Budhiraja Sociology of Education, Political Economy, Urban Studies, Sociology of the State, Social Theory, India
Edgar Campos
Culture, Political Sociology/Nationalism, Latin America, Sociology of Sport, Media, Historical Sociology
Brooke Chambers  
Corey Culver  
Caitlin Curry Punishment, deviance, social control
Christine Delp Culture, morality, religion
Jean Marie (DeOrnellas) Maier  
Gunercindo Antoneo Espinoza Critical race theory, law and society, social movements
Jennifer Etienne  
Carolyn Fraker
Poverty and inequality, family, and qualitative methods
Jacqui Frost Cultural sociology, religion and nonreligion, identity and community, civic engagement, gender and mixed methods
Sarah Garcia Population studies (demography); health, social stratification, and inequality; poverty; health disparities
Erez Garnai Sociology of law, law and policing, criminalization, alcohol as a public problem, alcohol laws
Laura Gilbertson  
Rachel Grewell 
Sociology of knowledge production, food and environmental justice, participatory action research
Lisa Gulya Gender, family and reproduction, life course
Matthew Gunther Agri-food studies, environmental justice, immigration, cultural sociology, neo-agrarianism and community
Trang (Jasmine) Ha International education, globalization, migration, organizations and institutions, law and policy
Amber Hamilton
Blackness in the United States, Black Feminism, Media Representation, Social Media
Brit Henderson
Population studies and quantitative methods
Erin Hoekstra
Immigration, health, social movements, gender, race, border studies, critical criminology, and environmental justice
Veronica Horowitz Punishment, gender, sentencing and corrections, drugs and society
Liqi (Kevin) Huang Social psychology of identity, impact of Internet on minority identity formation; race and masculinity, LGBT; experiments
Aimzhan Iztayeva Gender, work, family, fatherhood
Anthony Jimenez Health Disparities, U.S.-Mexico Border, Critical Race Studies, Immigration, Citizenship, Biopolitics, Transnationalism, Urban Sociology
Ethan Johnson  
Annie Jollymore
Critical race studies; citizenship; politics and governance; race, class, and gender
Yagmur Karakaya Collective Memory, Nostalgia, Mass Atrocities and Genocide, Cosmo-politanism and Globalization, Popular Culture, Qualitative Methods, Turkey
Aras Koksal Politics, culture and theory.
Snigdha Kumar Labor Studies, Political Economy, History of Capitalism, Social Theory, India, Marxist Theory
Jillian LaBranche  
Ryan Larson Law, crime, and deviance, quantitative methodology and statistics, punishment, public opinion
Mark Lee  
Chris Levesque  
Francis Lyimo
Political and environmental sociology, especially understanding land and natural resource disputes in sub-Saharan Africa
Rahsaan Mahadeo Critical race studies, life course, social inequality, immigration, citizenship and deportation
Alex Manning Critical race studies, parenting, youth, social reproduction of inequality, sports
Suzy Maves McElrath Crime, law, knowledge, gender, human rights, genocide, transitional justice, peace-building
Mahala Miller  
Jessica Molina
Law, crime, and deviance, mixed-methods research. Latino(a) youth and school discipline.
Becky Maung Intersection of class politics, capitalism, and environmental/ecological politics
Devika Narayan Political economy, Marxism and social theory, sociology of the state, critical development studies, infrastructure, urban studies, India
Tayler Nelson  
Allison Nobles Gender, sexuality and violence
Brieanna Petersen
Genocide and Mass Attrocities, Cultural Trauma, Social Memory Studies
Mark Pharris American political culture and civil society in general, and specifically the American direct democracy movement and its historical origins.
Miray Philips Genocide and mass atrocities, gendered and sexual violence, Middle East and North Africa.
Victoria Piehowski Punishment, sociology of law, poverty governance, feminist policy, economy, discourse, qualitative methods
Amber Joy Powell
Crime, punishment, and victimization
Neeraj Rajasekar Intersection of culture and race relations particularly as manifest in popular music and video and consumed through social media
Chris Robertson Social Class and Race, Policing, Punishment, Black Middle Class
Nir Rotem
Sociology of Development, Humanitarian aid, Globalization, Central Asian studies
Anuradha Sajjanhar  
jim saliba Political influences on educational equity
Monica Saralampi Theories of environmental privilege and the interaction between capitalism, colonialism and the environment through the pursuit of research in food studies and the effectiveness of hunger relief approaches.
Michael Soto
Social Networks, Space, Place, and Identity, Colombia/Latin America, International development, Diversity and solidarity
Emily Springer  
Ryan Steel Inequality, religion, culture, discourse analysis, social class and race, political sociology, social power, power differential
Evan Stewart Political culture, public opinion, and religion and secularism across a wide range of institutional and community contexts
Rob Stewart Law, crime, and deviance; punishment; collateral consequences
Caitlin Taborda-Whitt Gender and sexuality, sociology of health and illness, race, the body
Aisha Upton Race and gender, social movements, organizations, and civil society/civic participation
Chen-Yu (Andy) Wu
International migration, social network analysis, political sociology, organizations and institutions, comparative and historical sociology
Marie Wu
Stephen Wulff Juvenile justice policy
Annika Yates