Affiliate Faculty


Name Contact Specialty
Hakim Abderrezak

French & Italian

303D Folwell Hall


20th- and 21st-century French and Francophone studies, visual studies

Shir Alon

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

230C Folwell Hall

Literary temporalities; theories of world literature; gender theory; postcolonial theory and decolonization; historiography of the modern Middle East
Osiris Aníbal Gómez

Spanish & Portuguese Studies
214N Folwell Hall
Contemporary Mexican literature and culture, Indigenous literature, translation studies, linguistic rights.
Sophia Beal

Spanish & Portuguese Studies
206D Folwell Hall

Brazilian literature and cultural studies, Lusophone-African Literature and cultural studies, urban studies, postcolonial studies
Jane M. Blocker

Art History
346 Heller Hall

Contemporary art and theory
Emily Capper

Art History
362 Heller Hall
Modern and contemporary art, social and intellectual history, film and media
Sinem Casale

Art History
423 Heller Hall

Islamic art
Juliette Cherbuliez

French & Italian
314F/309B Folwell Hall

17th-century literature and culture, theater studies
Palita Chunsaengchan

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
327E Folwell Hall
Comparative Media Aesthetics; Film theory / historiography; Early Thai Cinema; "Media Modernity"; Cinema and Politics of Class, Production and Circulation; Contemporary Southeast Asian Cinema
Siobhan S. Craig

320A Pillsbury Hall
Italian and German cinema; literary, cultural, film, feminist, and queer theory
Jigna Desai

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
410 Ford Hall

Asian American literature and media, feminist theory, postcolonial studies, queer/sexuality studies, South Asian diasporas, critical disability studies, autism, neuronormativity
Lorenzo Fabbri

French and Italian
309A FolH

Contemporary Italian studies, film theory, postcolonial critique
Joseph Farag

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
220M Folwell Hall
Palestinian literature and film; modern Arabic literature; Arab cultural studies; modern Arab history, politics, and society; Arab-American studies
Susanna F. Ferlito

French & Italian
304G Folwell Hall

Modern Italian literature
Ana Paula Ferreira

Spanish & Portuguese Studies
206C Folwell Hall


Decolonial Studies of Lusophone Literatures and Cultures; “Race” and Coloniality in the Global Portuguese and Spanish South; Women, Feminisms and Late Empire/Post empire 

Megan Finch

310B Pillsbury Hall
20th- and 21st-century US and African-American Literature, black feminism, queer theory, dystopian fiction, afropessimism, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison
Ramon Fonkoué

French & Italian
305A Folwell Hall

Njeri Githire

African American & African Studies
848 Social Sciences

African artistic and cultural production, African diasporic studies
Sumanth S. Gopinath

114 Ferguson Hall

Music after WWII, avant-garde and experimental musics, music and politics, musical hermeneutics, popular music, sound studies, music and globalization
Ronald W. Greene

Communication Studies
243 Ford Hall

Rhetorical studies, cultural studies/cultural policy, citizenship, philosophy of communication 
Atilla Hallsby

Communication Studies
263 Ford Hall

Rhetorical studies; post-structuralist theories of discourse; history of secrecy; privacy & transparency; critical surveillance & security studies
Jaime E. Hanneken

Spanish & Portuguese Studies
214M Folwell Hall

Contemporary Latin American literature, culture Francophone literature, culture postcolonial studies, globalization, Latin American vanguardias, discursive appropriations of Paris in Caribbean, Latin American, and African contexts, uses and limitation of metropolitan literary, cultural theory in peripheral contexts
George L. Henderson

Geography, Environment & Society
548 Social Sciences Building

Marxism, post-capitalist politics, value theory of labor, Marxist cultural critique
Karen Ho

395 Herbert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Cultural studies of finance capital, finance, globalization, and capitalism, ethnography, feminist studies, political economy, United States, comparative race and ethnicity
Alexander Jabbari

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Mari Jarris

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
320E Folwell Hall
19th- and 20th-Century German and Russian Literature, Feminist and Queer Theory, Marxist and Socialist Theories and Movements, Utopianism
Michal Kobialka

Theater & Dance
520C Rarig Center

Katerina Korola

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
328F Folwell Hall   

German Modernism, History of Photography, Early and Silent Cinema, Modern Art, and the Environmental Humanities
Dwight K Lewis, Jr.

Assistant Professor
817 Heller Hall

History of early modern philosophy, philosophy of race, and Africana philosophy, with a focus on the philosophy of Anton Willhelm Amo (c.1700-c.1750)
Nancy Luxon

Political Science
1350 Social Sciences Building

Contemporary political & social theory, French political thought
Christine L. Marran

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
327C Folwell Hall
Japanese popular culture from the 1870s to the present; Japanese literature; Early Meiji writing, especially newspapers and gesaku literature; Gender, sexuality, and identity in print and film culture; Ethics and the animal; Japanese and Asian film
Jason McGrath

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
225 Folwell Hall
Chinese and international cinemas; modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture; realism in fiction, film, and theory; issues of convention and intertextuality in film theory; art and the nation; Chinese and Western Marxism
Stuart McLean


374 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Anthropology of modernity, social and cultural theory, historical anthropology, Ireland, European Union
Ellen Messer-Davidow

110H Pillsbury Hall

Cultural and social theory; 20th century American social movements, policy, and law
Nathaniel Mills

310G Pillsbury Hall


20th-century US and African American literature; Ralph Ellison; literature and culture of the Great Depression; the Literary Left and Communism in the US; critical theory

Leslie C. Morris

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
327A Folwell Hall

German Jewish studies; Holocaust & memory studies; 20th- & 21st-century German and Austrian literature; comparative literature & literary theory; experimental poetry; psychoanalysis; medical humanities
Robert Nichols

Political Science
1431 Social Sciences Building

Modern political theory, indigeneity & settler colonialism, imperialism in political thought
Yuichiro Onishi

African American & African Studies
874 Social Sciences

African American history, Asian American studies, African diaspora studies
Sonali Pahwa

Theater & Dance
550A Rarig Center

Elliott Powell

American Studies
203 Scott Hall

American popular music and culture, critical race theory and comparative ethnic studies, feminist and queer studies, African American and Asian American studies, music and politics, music and globalization, jazz, hip hop, sound studies
Matt Rahaim

170 Ferguson Hall

Indian music, Asian literatures, cultures and media, religious studies, cultural studies and comparative literature
Matthias Rothe

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
328G Folwell Hall

18th-century political philosophy; philosophical and literary presentability of economic practices; Brechtian and contemporary theater
Jennifer Row

Associate Professor
304D Folwell Hall

Early modern theater and dance studies, queer and feminist theory, disability studies, history of sexuality
Nida Sajid

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
231D Folwell Hall
South Asian Literature (Hindi-Urdu); Muslim Cultures of South Asia; Intellectual History and Paracolonial Networks; Global Eighteenth Century; Human Rights and Transnationalism; Gender, Caste and Religion in South Asia; Material Culture and Dress Studies  
Jani Scandura

310D Pillsbury Hall

Cultural studies and critical theory; 20th century North American literatures, film, mass culture
JB Shank

922 Heller Hall

Early Modern Europe, France, European Intellectual, and History of Science
Anna Lise Seastrand

Art History
417 Heller Hall

South Asian art
Sima Shakhsari

Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
428 Ford Hall

Suvadip Sinha

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
228D Folwell Hall
South Asian cinema and literature; global modernities; nationalism; post-colonial theory and literature; philosophy of non-human; animality
Ajay Skaria

924 Heller Hall
South Asia and Environmental History
Katherine Solomonson

151K Rapson Hall

Architecture and social relations
Karen-Sue Taussig


395 Hubert H. Humphrey Center
Medical anthropology, social and cultural implications of genetic testing, new reproductive technologies, cloning and stem cell research, genetics, eugenics, anthropology of science, biotechnology
Mary Douglas Vavrus

Communication Studies

237 Ford Hall

Media studies; feminist theory; political economy of media
Christophe Wall-Romana

French and Italian
303E Folwell Hall

French Modernism, poetry, theory, and film studies
Jamele Watkins

German, Nordic, Slavic & Dutch
327C Folwell Hall

20th- and 21st-century German literature and history; Black diasporic studies; performance studies; feminist studies; German film 
Margaret Werry

Theater & Dance
550D Rarig Center

Emily Winderman

Communication Studies
257 Ford Hall

Rhetoric of health and medicine; reproductive health; public emotion
Travis Workman

Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
220H Folwell Hall
Korean literature, film, and intellectual history; state violence and historical memory; melodrama; nationalism; humanism and its critiques