Other Economics Degrees

Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS) Degree

If you wish to combine economics courses with courses from two other disciplines to develop an individualized degree program, you should contact an advisor in the Individualized Degree Programs Office. In this program, the three disciplines need not be related to each other, as long as each is internally coherent. Two of the three disciplines in the BIS program must be from the College of Liberal Arts.

You are given the opportunity to design a program of courses consisting of two or three concentrations—“mini-majors.” Some popular combinations with economics include management, finance, journalism, communication, and international relations. If you are interested in a BIS, you should look into it before the end of your sophomore year or early in your junior year because it has a residency requirement. We offer all of our courses to BIS students, including courses that are restricted to non-majors. In this way, you may design a program that is less quantitatively stringent than an economics degree program.

Individually Designed Interdepartmental Major (IDIM)

An individually designed interdepartmental major (IDIM) for the BA degree enables you to focus on a unifying theme by combining courses from three or more CLA departments. Learn more about Individualized Degree Programs.

Inter-College Program (ICP) Degree

The ICP (Inter-College Program) is appropriate for self-directed students who incorporate a significant amount of coursework from at least two different colleges within the University. The program allows you to design your own unique BA or BS.